Do not reveal or share your login details with any other individual. 

Use the 1CHART website shortcut to access 1CHART. Alternatively, start up your preferred web browser and go to

Enter your 1CHART username and password into the provided fields.

Press the ‘Log in’ button. 

You will then be required to respond to a security question. The letters in your answer will be displayed as grey boxes with two letters highlighted in white. 

Select the letters corresponding with the white squares from the characters provided on screen. For example, if the answer to the question above is 'WAIMATE', the letters 'W' and 'I' must be entered.

When you have correctly entered the missing characters, click the 'Submit' button to log into 1CHART.

Note: As a security measure, after 6 failed attempts to answer your security questions, a captcha will display. The captcha must be ticked and the security question answered correctly before you can log in. If you do not remember your security questions and answers, contact the 1CHART team.